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To say it has been a while would be an understatement.
Just to update my life on this journalator, I am now 24 and certainly I am no longer working at "Whole Foods". In fact, I've been through two jobs since then.
I am finding it difficult to sleep when there is just so much living to be done. My eyes feel heavy but my body and mind keep pushing on. I was so satisfied by tonight's bike ride around Loyola Park's trail. It was so comfortable outside and refreshing winds blew from the lake, provoking me to empty my thoughts as I rode.
My music needs to be heard, as I have been taking some time to record songs I've written over the years. I'm also creating some new songs whenever inspiration strikes. Diversification is something I'm focused on right now, and I've been fortunate to find good sounds through the kind folks at demonoid. It is frustrating that I haven't heard back from the venues which I gave my demo to yet, and I need to take it to the next level. So perhaps if anyone wants to read this, you can listen to some of my music ( www.myspace.com/stevenmoir )
Enjoy yourselves!

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Current Music: the wind's hiss

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Well, I
the Job
Whole Foods
Power face the wind
Wind blows the power
Naked, Stands I
Rain pouring off
The tips...of my shoulders...
Drips down
my neck.
I ask the man, "Hello
I arrived early.
He beckoned my eye with his
golden glare
I thought to my self
"Wind, don't fail me"
Fire came from his shoulder
It became apparent
to me that
'tis a Beckoning me
Towards a future of
Whole Foods
Bottom to top
every inch
 of glazing waxy pollen
covering our embryos, alas
I pour my liquid unto thy
pale undying sweetness
Mellow I becometh.
Moods yonder beckon, techno
logic is not my fault fault for
the crack is changing, the crack between
Space ant time
Forever, endeavor,

Current Location: The film center
Current Mood: busy
Current Music: A more gourgous tone!

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